Wednesday, April 7, 2010

notd: Unnamed Goldie Nail Polish

I hate it when brands don't name their colors, but there is something kind of fun about it. After all, that just means I get to make up some ridiculous name to call it... which is always a plus!

You can see the blue and purple sparkles close-up, but one of the best parts of this color is that it looks blue in EVERY light. There's no mistaking this one for black, kids!

Goldie polishes supposedly used to be found at Bath & Body Works. I got my set of eight at Marshall's for like $6.00... not bad for pretty colors and Vegan, Big-Three Free polish!

So, what shall we name this one? Since Baseball season has just started, I'm naming it Blue Tiger. I would call it Brandon Inge Blue, but that seems... awkward. :)