Saturday, March 6, 2010

notd: Nina Ultra Pro Caribbean Blue

This is the first Nina Ultra Pro I've used, and I really didn't expect much. But, when my week got insane... this stuff stuck with me. The picture below? Guess how long I've been wearing the color!

Please excuse my angry cuticle. I've been picking at it (I know that makes it worse, I'm sorry!), so it's pretty sad right now.

But, the wear and tear on this looks about two to three days at most. But...

I've been wearing it for SEVEN!

I'm massively impressed with this brand. Surprised even. I'm taking the polish off today (there's a bigger chip on my thumbnail, and I got another color from the line that I want to try), but I could probably wear this for another few days with minor touch-ups!

Base: Zoya Get Even
Color: Nina Ultra Pro in Caribbean Blue
Top Coat: Poshe Super Fast Dry Topcoat