Wednesday, March 31, 2010

$50 Beauty Voucher up to 70% off at

It's fun to find something girly and pretty... and's got a great deal for those of you looking to find new products to spoil yourself (or give to someone you love)!

Here's what has to say about Flower Peddler:

Today's $50 voucher may be the most versatile in jasmere's history. Featuring unique and wonderful ingredients (organic calendula, anyone?), Flower Peddler's extensive, floral-inspired line will have you indulging in the finest natural soaps, soaks, scrubs, bubbles, mani/pedi products & more. And that's saying nothing of their lines for men, kids, and *new* just for tweens.

So, it does kind of fit in with what we do here! Right now, the vouchers are going at $21 (that's 58 % off retail!), but they drop more with every purchase. Head over to now and get your own voucher... let me know how you decide to treat yourself!