Thursday, January 21, 2010

Press Release: Duri's New V-Day Colors!

There are some fun options to look "romantic" this holiday season, and Duri wants to make sure you know about theirs! Here's the press release they've just sent out:

Valentine’s Day isn’t just a “cards and chocolate” holiday, but a time to show off your sexiest self to that “special someone.”  Silky, smooth legs and perfectly manicured fingers and toes are a must for this annual celebration of love!  With Pure Silk® Moisturizing Shave Cream in Raspberry Mist and romantic red and pink nail color shades from Duri™ Cosmetics, it’s easy to get smooth and polished from hand to toe this Valentine’s Day!

Pure Silk Moisturizing Shave Cream in Raspberry Mist has nourishing ingredients like aloe that can help you achieve sexy, soft legs that are perfect for cuddling up with the one you love!  To sweeten up your Valentine’s Day look, Duri nail polish in shades like (350) Passion, a deep red and (199) Love Me Tender, a pretty pink, can help dress up your digits in style!

For a more festive mani/pedi this Valentine’s Day, try any of these pink and red nail color shades from Duri™ Cosmetics:

#414 Cupid Rules (flirty pink)
#413 Just One Kiss (matte pastel pink)                                
#199 Love Me Tender (dark mauve)
#378 Prelude to a Kiss (dark peach)
#330 Sweetheart (bright red)
#350 Passion (dark sensual red)                            
#351 Blind Date (deep purplish red)                                            
#348 My Velvet Heart (dark red with gold shimmer)
#397 Love Me Crazy (deep red)
#510 Every Day is A Valentine (bright red)

$5 per bottle; available at or by calling 1-800-724-2216
 I'm definitely interested in Prelude to a Kiss, Blind Daye and My Velvet Heart (what can I say, I love my vampier colors!), and I think some of these would be great for my Valentine's Day. What are your thoughts?