Sunday, January 17, 2010

notd: Barry M. Racing Green

So, while I adore this color (particularly the fact that it ALWAYS looks green), there is one concern I have: it's not actually Racing Green. The color itself is fairly close, but there is no shimmer/metallic in the traditional Racing Green lacquer. Here's an example:

See? No shimmer (though how great is the license plate for the red car behind the Lotus?!?!?) to be seen in the traditional British Racing Green.

Still, this doesn't make this color any less gorgeous. I love it!



CucumPear said...

I love this polish so much! It's definitely one of my favourite greens. (And what a cute car, it deserves the red one's license plate...)

gildedangel said...

That color makes me smile! :)

the-swatchaholic said...

The more pictures of Barry M's Racing Green I see the more I am lemming it. It looks stunning. :)

Bcteagirl said...

That is a great colour! What is the brand?

Jill said...

I just gave you the Happy Award because seeing your nails each day makes me happy :D Come accept it at

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