Sunday, November 29, 2009

NotD: China Glaze Flying Dragon

Technically, I did these yesterday. Sorry!

Direct sunlight.

Close up.

The close up is more color-accurate, but there is a stronger bluishness to the color in the sun. This is one of China Glaze's neons (from the Ink collection), so it dries matte. Easy fix... just put some Seche Vite on top and you're good to go.

The blue and pink/purple (I think they're pretty magenta-y) sparkles don't really flash the way some do, but they add a nice depth. Overall, I'm a fan. It's not my favorite color, but it looks good and is really vibrant.

And I saw some uniformity when I snagged mine at Sally Beauty Supply, but in case your color is a bluer purple, here's a great example of two different shades of the same color, thanks to Polish Me Happy.

Have a great Sunday, everyone! Thanks for reading.